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Our Theologically Rooted Christian Vision

"Love God, love yourself love your neighbour."

                                                                  LUKE 10:27

Rationale of our Christian Vision

“Love God, Love yourself, Love your neighbour” adapted from Luke 10.27


As our community is richly diverse we want to ensure we explore and share faith to cement relationships, foster acceptance of all faiths and celebrate the uniqueness of all. We will live out our vision through our collective worship, RE curriculum, pupil leadership, visitors and all aspects of the life of our school. We will explore faith from various perspectives, global cultures. We will be rooted in biblical teaching having a deeply Christian foundation, “Love God, Love yourself, Love your neighbour” (adapted from Luke 10.27) with at its heart. 


In our unique Bishop Bridgeman community; due to context, low socio economics, poverty, SEND, low aspiration and impact post pandemic we have a moral duty to enable our children, parents and families to love themselves. Through our vision we enable our children and families to see themselves as God sees them, unique and wonderfully made. Mental health of our children and families is a constant challenge, our belief is that our children must learn to love themselves in order to then love their neighbours. We then translate our faith in action on a day to day relational basis, within the local community and the wider, global community. 


We will always value and care for each other as an expression of our vision and Gospel values of faith, hope and love. We will ensure we respect one another, our diverse culture and show love and care to one another. We aim to show God’s love to one another showing compassions for all children, families and those in our local and wider community, irrespective of race, religion or background. This is the rationale to base our vision on the parable of The Good Samaritan. 

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To read more about our rationale click here


We are the Ethos leaders of Bishop Bridgeman CE Primary School. We attend Ethos club, working with others, creating videos to share across our Multi Academy Trust. We help children and adults to understand more about our school's Christian values and how we can apply these values in our everyday lives.

For more information please visit our Trust Ethos Website by clicking the link below.




“All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”                                                                                                        ISAIAH 54: 13

At Bishop Bridgeman, Children’s Chaplain is defined as an individual who contributes to the spiritual, prayer and pastoral needs of their school community.


We see the nature of the Children’s Chaplain to ‘be there’ for other children and staff, especially for those who need additional support, comfort, space for reflection/prayer or a listening ear impacting positively on mental health and well-being.


Our Trust holds a fantastic website which is designed to be a central place for our Ethos work. Here you will find ideas and activities to support children and adults in developing Ethos activities in your school. There are activities relating to spiritual development, worship, Ethos to Go and general Ethos activities. Most of the activities can be downloaded as a resource card in PDF format. We hope you find our website useful and would love you have your feedback.

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