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Bolton LA provide a local offer of services for children with Special Educational Needs.
This can be found by clicking the link below.


At Bishop Bridgeman we understand that if you believe your child may have Special Educational Needs or a disability, you would need to know additional information or may ask questions. The regulations help and we have pointed out some questions that refer to the current regulations.

How does the school adapt the curriculum and the school environment to meet the needs os SEND pupils? - Regulation 3D

  • What training and expertise do school staff have? -Regulation 5

  • What is the school approach to SEND? - Regulation 3

  • How does the school identify children with SEND? What is the school SEND policy/offer? - Regulation 2

  • What is the SEND provision throughout the school? Regulation 1 and 3e?

  • How does the school support SEND pupils in transistion, especially transition to secondary school? - Regulation 12

  • How does the school monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of SEND provision? - Regualtion 3a

  • Where can I find information about Local Authority provision for SEND children? -  Regulation 11

  • How does the school ensure inclusion of all pupils with SEND inside and outside the classroom? - Regulation 3f

  • How does equipment and facilities support SEND pupils? - Regulation 6

  • What external services are used by the school to meet the needs of SEND pupils and their families? - Regulation 10

  • How should complaints regarding SEND provision be made and how will they be dealt with? - Regulation 9

  • What can a parent do if they have concerns? - Regulation 7

  • Who can I contact for further details? - Regulation 4

The answers to these questions can be found in our school policies for SEND or by contacting our school SENDCo - Miss K Breen at

Please click on the links below to access the policy documents.

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