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It is Bishop Bridgeman's aim to work towards the following:

  • To ensure that parents are involved and kept informed of all school activities and developments in education that might affect their child.

  • To ensure that parents are informed and kept up to date on the progress of their child and are able to help and support their child at home.

  • To welcome parents into school as a vital part of our school community.

  • To listen to parents views through informal discussions, questionnaires, coffee mornings, parental learning walks and consultation days.

  • To understand that parents are learners and provide adult learning where appropriate.

  • To respect the need for confidentiality of information where appropriate.


To meet these aims;

  • We send out monthly newsletters.

  • Maintain a website with information for parents, current activities in school and dates.

  • We hold 2 parental consultation evenings throughout the year.

  • A Home-school agreement is sent out to parents every September.

  • We provide a home/school books to children to share with their parents.

  • When appropriate parents are contacted and invited to come to school to discuss any issues.

  • We have an 'open door' policy at school.

  • Our Parent and Family Liaison Officer in school, Mrs McBride, works closely with parents offering additional support and time.

  • Social media feeds.

  • A termly newsletter is added to the website to inform parents about their child's curriculum.

  • School prospectus.

  • Parental workshops/ meetings to involve/inform parents of new initiatives.

  • Class assemblies.

  • Stay & Learn/class workshop sessions for parents to share with their children.


Parents are involved in the life of Bishop Bridgeman in the following ways;

  • Welcome parents meeting for children starting school in September.

  • Elected parent Governors.

  • Our open door policy.

  • Our Parent and Family Liaison Officer.

  • Our many school social events e.g. Summer Fair, Christmas Discos, Christmas productions, End of year productions, class assemblies, Eid and Diwali day celebrations etc.


We keep parents informed of events in school in the following ways:

  • Calendar of provisional events for the year in September.

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Reminder letters, text messages and tweets.

  • Posters around school.

  • School website.

  • School Twitter feed.

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