What does Homework look like at Bishop Bridgeman?

At Bishop Bridgeman we take the learning log approach to homework. A learning log is a jounal for the child to record their knowledge and understanding in whatever way they feel is most helpful. Children may use pictures, writing, photographs, labelled diagrams, pop up pictures, foldaway flaps to present their work.

The benefits of learning logs are....

  • They are an opportunity for children to extend and consolodate their learning in the classroom.
  • They encourage all children to be creative and independent.
  • They encourage children to be actively involved in thier work and take pride in it.
  • Learning logs encourage a partnership between home and school.
  • As learning logs are personalized, there is no right or wrong way to appraoch a task.
  • They give children ownership of their work.
  • Children can be as creative and imaginative as they like.
  • Learning logs can be a useful revision tool for children, especially in year 6.
  • Learning logs can be a useful assessment tool for teachers.

Tasks that your child may need to complete in their learning logs.

  • Drawing, colouring, labelling, sketches and diagrams.
  • Artwork: painting, collage and 3D constructions.
  • Songs, rhymes, raps and music.
  • Taking photographs or even videos of their work.
  • Using the internet as a research resources.
  • Physical activity.
  • Cooking.
  • Tables, charts and grids.
  • Writing: fiction stories, poems, descriptions, writing, non-fiction, diaries, letters, newspaper articles, recount, journal entry, email, information text, leaflet, argument or debate, explanation, timetables, lists, invitation and postcards.
  • Handwritted or word processed.
  • Include objects or resources collected.

Other ways include:

  • MyMaths
  • Frog
  • Blogging, questions, pictures posted by teachers for the children to respond to.

In your child's homework book you will see the following template, this will inform you and your child about the homework topics for that week: 













Homework Rewards

In Friday morning's celebration assembly children with the best homework in each class are awarded a Homework Hero certificate and badge.

Homework is a vital part of the curriculum and we expect all children to complete their homework. Teachers keep a record of children who complete homework. We provide homework clubs at lunch times and after school to support our children. Resources packs are available for children to use at home. For children who do not complete their homework Mrs Patel and Mrs Pilling will have a conversation with parents.

Homework is given out every Friday, to be back in school on Wednesday.



Click on the link below to view our homework policy.


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