Wider Experiences

Enabling Enterprise

To ensure our pupils are equipped with the skills, experiences and aspirations they need in life, we have recently enrolled onto an award winning social enterprise. By doing this we aim to embed eight transferable skills that can be called upon during school years and beyond. These skills are part of the Skills Builder Partnership and are recognised nationally by over 120 businesses.

In partnership with these businesses, Enabling Enterprise and Bishop Bridgeman aim to work together to put our children on a trajectory to success by delivering a range of appropriate programmes and challenges. We will encourage our children to take ownership of their learning during these programmes and build upon and apply skills that will allow them to unlock their learning.

The lesson time projects we will embark on are as follows:

Nursery - Ready Teddy Go

Reception - Free to Be Me

Year 1 - Gallery Opening

Year 2 - Community Cafe

Year 3 - Food Glorious Food

Year 4 - Design Company

Year 5 - Active Minds

Year 6 - Big Business Challenge 

If you require any further information, please speak to Miss Ryan or visit the Enabling Enterprise website at: http://enablingenterprise.org

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