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Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum and Bishop Bridgeman are committed to raising the standards in this subject. We provide an in-depth physical exercise program during curriculum time, which includes a variety of activities designed to challenge and inspire our children. As well as these curriculum activities, we provide all children with the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of after school clubs, which cover a range of sports. When selecting after school clubs we listen to the interests and needs of the children.

To help achieve this aim we employ a specialist PE coach, provided by Key PE Sports, to teach PE during PPA sessions.  The coach works with all teachers and children to develop and strengthen the P.E curriculum across the school. It is a vital part of their role to provide support and training to ensure all our teachers can deliver high quality PE lessons in addition to the PE taught during PPA. Key PE Sports provide Continuous Professional Development opportunities, they work with all teachers to set targets, and model and demonstrate how they can improve their P.E lessons. In addition to this there are team teaching sessions, where a coach supports the teacher throughout the lesson working on their CPD targets. 
We aim to ensure P.E lessons are inclusive for all children. Our coach delivers a weekly session for those children who may struggle to access the P.E curriculum due to additional needs, or lack of confidence. This is a small group where achievable targets are set for the children. The sessions are supported by special needs assistants who gain extra resources, skills and activities that they can use in P.E lessons to develop the children’s skills and confidence.
We have used some of the funding to provide specialist after school clubs and coaching such as multi skills and dodge ball, as well as the more traditional sports. In addition to developing these skills, we are providing our children with many opportunities to apply their skills in competitive situations. We participate in our local cluster competitions run by ESSA Academy. We have had great success in such competitions!





Impact of Sport Premium Funding

Professional Development for Staff

The professional learning for the whole staff on P.E has improved. There has been significant support for the PE subject leader, including a strategy for team teaching across the school. Teachers’ confidence has increased within P.E and they have a deeper knowledge of how to challenge and engage children within P.E.

Curriculum Development

Teachers are now more confident and competent in delivering high quality PE to all children.  Staff are now confident to use a range of teaching and learning styles in PE to match lesson content. Children are now experiencing a broader and engaging curriculum. Our PE curriculum is wide and varied, including Multiskills/ football/ orienteering/ rugby/ gymnastics, dance, netball, and cricket to ensure children are confident to try new sports.


We have purchased a new scheme of work, with lesson plans in a wide range of sports allowing children to develop the required skills across the curriculum. There are assessment opportunities in each lesson, with concise objectives, allowing staff to assess which children are below, in line, or exceeding age related expectations. Across Key Stage One and Two 81% of children are either in line or achieving age related expectations.

Extra Curricular Activity

The range of extra curricular activities has increased and included those requested by children e.g. wrestling, dodgeball and fencing. We offer alternative and varied individual and team sports to cater for all our children. At Bishop Bridgeman in addition to a range of after school clubs, we offer lunchtime clubs, which target those children who are achieving below age related expectations. These are tailored to individual children working on their skills and fitness that they need to develop. Lunchtime clubs are planned to meet children’s skills and interests as well as teaching them new games and sports they can play. 

Competitive Opportunities

Many children have represented Bishop Bridgeman in Essa Academy sports competitions and other local competitions. We will introduce opportunities for inter form competitions.

P.E Data 2021/2022

 Across the school 86% of pupils are achieving inline or above age related expectations. There has been an increase in children achieving above age related expectations, we will continue to focus on individual challenge opportunities within lessons. 
There has been an increase in the number of children achieving above age related expectations in Year 2, 3, 5 and 6. Interventions will be put in place to support those children who are achieving below age related expectations. 

Swimming 2021/2022

At the end of Key Stage 2 39% of pupils could swim competently and confidently a distance of at least 25 metres. 
At the end of sessions 22% of pupils were able to perform safe self-rescue.  
39% of pupils were using a range of strokes effectively.
To improve the number of children who are achieving the Swimming expectation for Key Stage 2 additional lessons are being provided in Year 4 and Year 5. Children have additional opportunities through intensive Swimming courses to build on the skills from the previous swimming lessons. 

2022-2023 Plans

To provide opportunities within P.E lessons and at dinner time for children to challenge themselves. 
To continue to promote the role of Sports Ambassador within school. 
To increase the number of opportunities for inter school competitions. 
To continue to provide children with new and exciting sports to experience. 


We have used this funding to providing training and support to teachers, teaching assistants  and special needs assistants. They have acquired skills to continue to deliver P.E lessons at a higher standard providing challenge for all children. We have trained a member of staff in Actiphon's delivery to continue these sessions promoting cross curricular support.  We will continue to provide CPD sessions to enhance the P.E curriculum even further

Pathways in P.E.

At Bishop Bridgeman we provide a wide range of sporting activities to allow children to shine to their full potential. We endeavor to find out children’s talents and areas of expertise and ensure we provide for these needs. We ensure that we support children with opportunities within the community to develop their skills at a higher level. We provide after school clubs that cater for the children’s interests and talents.

After School Clubs which have been provided:


Dodge ball

Cross Country






Zumba Dancing

Flamenco Dancing

Children’s talents, skills and interests are listened to and we endeavor to meet these with the after school clubs provided. 


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