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Always assume that school is open! If school is closed you will be sent a message via text and twitter.

Unless you hear via one of our channels of communication please assume that school is open. Bishop Bridgeman will only close if it becomes a risk to health & safety.

In the event of school being closed due to severe weather we will carry out the procedure below:

  • We will send out a text message as early as possible following the decision to close school. (It is vital that if you have changed your phone number you inform school)

  • We will put a message on Twitter @BishopBridgeman

Snow and ice is a part of our winter months. When there is snow and ice on our school ground the following measures will be put into place:

  • The paths at the front of school will be gritted.

  • Children will enter through the front entrance on arrival to school.

  • The playgrounds will not be used, apart from planned, staff-led activities.

  • Throwing snowballs and the making of slides etc will not be permitted.

We strongly encourage parents and children to walk to school to reduce the risk of incidents with cars.

Please ensure children come to school dressed appropriately for the weather. Warm coats, wellingtons, hats, scarves and gloves.

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