Children's Ethos Conference

In July 2013 we held our first Ethos Conference. As an Ethos group we wanted to demonstrate to other schools our passion for living and driving values and the huge positive impact our work has had on our school community. In 2013 - 29 schools attended the conference and in 2014 - 31 schools attended. In 2015 - 30 schools attended. In 2016 - 31 schools attended Have a look at the videos from the last 5 years and we will tell you about our next conference planned for 5th July 2018! This year we will be changing the focus to an interfaith and spiritual development conference.

Ethos Conference July 2017 - 2 day Conferece to mark 5 years!
Overview of the 2 days

Day 1 - 5th July 2017

Day 2 - 6th July 2017

Ethos Conference July 2016


Ethos Conference July 2015

Our film crew reporting on this year's Ethos Conference.


Ethos Conference 2015 - A truly magical day!

Ethos Conference July 2014


Evaluations from the day


Ethos Conference July 2013


The aim of our Ethos Conference is to encourage other schools to set up an Ethos group and drive values and help in the school self-evaluation process. Every child will take away a 'goodie bag' full of useful ideas and resources. Children will take part in 8 workshops all planned around our core values. If your school would like to attend, download the booking form and send it back to school We can promise an amazing day and ideas you can take back to your school.


Ethos group at Bishop Bridgeman have also written a book. We felt that we had a responsibility to enourage other children to carry out values-led work in their schools. The book we have written provides children with 70 activities to help them in their work. If you would like to buy our book, please download the order form. It is a bargain at £10. It is a book written by children for children. 
Building, Living and Driving Values

Our second Ethos book 'Building, Living and Driving Values' a children's guild to spiritual development was launched at our Ethos Coference on 7th July 2016. The book has over 100 practical activities to allow children to explore their spiritual journey. The book is £15 which includes a resource CD to acompany the activities.
Click on the picture to download an order form.