BB Ethos Group

2017-2018 Ethos Project will be to plan and deliver a pop up prayer space each month in church and then in school.

September's Prayer Space - Opening the door to prayer!

Ethos Saturday School

Spirited Arts Competition 

In January Mrs Pilling told us about The Spirited Arts Competition run by NATRE. We decided to “go for it” and enter the primary section. We have entered the category ‘Where is God Today?’ We through long and hard how we could represent this in a piece of art. One of the activities in our new book is making treasured hearts. We used this technique to make the 6ft cross you saw in the hall this morning. We wanted to create a piece of art that children of all faiths could reflect on and every time you look at it you find something different. We used a whole variety of beads and buttons to symbolise where you can find God

* in animals         * in the seasons      * in new life     * in values      * in children      * in sports

* in sea creatures        * in people being creative e.g. baking, sewing and art

* in colour and texture    * in celebrations such as Christmas and Easter

*in people who help us such as doctors and nurses

In other words God can be found EVERYWHERE!

The competition was judged in August 2016 - and WE WON!

We made our treasured cross in our Saturday Ethos School and in our Thursday Ethos after school BB Ethos Group

"I would like to thank all the children in our Ethos groups (Junior and Senior). Their unfaltering commitment to their school community is an inspiration to us all. They live out, everyday, the values that they promote with responsibility, love and grace. I am extremely proud of each and every one of them. The work they have developed is truly remarkable and has made a huge impact on our school, church and local community"
Mrs J. Pilling Executive Principal/ CEO

We are the Ethos leaders of Bishop Bridgeman Church of England Primary School. We would like to tell you a little about our Ethos group and the impact that it has had on our amazing school. Five years ago Mrs Pilling asked if anyone would like to be part of an Ethos group to help our children understand the new values we were going to work on. Over the past five years Mrs Pilling has enabled us to carry out all sorts of activities, such as leading worship. We meet most lunch times to work on the value for that half term and decide on the activities we would like to do. We now run our group mostly ourselves and meet Mrs Pilling to ask for resources or to discuss larger projects such as the children's ethos conference. We have written and published a book to spread the word and work of what an Ethos group can do. We included all the activities we carried out to enable our school community to live out our core values. Through our Ethos group we help other schools to understand more about our values and how children and adults can apply these values in their every day lives. We believe through values we have made our school community better citizens and act as good people to help others. We have presented many times to groups of Headteachers and school leaders to showcase our journey and the impact it has had on our school. Please look at the Ethos pages on Frog to see more of our amazing work. 

Bishop Bridgeman's Core Christian Values



Here are some videos of our recent projects.

Ethos group have now written their second book, Building, Living and Driving Values. Over 100 activities for your ethos group to develop children's spirituality. Our book launched at our 4th Ethos Conference on 7th July 2016. Have a look at the video below 'The Making on Ethos Book 2'.

Ethos Leaders have presented at many conferences throughout the North West, here are a few.

Ethos Super Learning Day. Ethos planned and delivered lessons throughout the day demonstrating activities for our next book which will be published in July 2016.


We have worked with the Ethos Group from Holy Infant & St Anthony Roman Catholic Primary School.


Every half term Ethos group plan and deliver whole school worship on one of our values. We plan a WALT and WILF for the worship. The most important part of worship is reflection time, where children think about how the value can help them in their daily lives. Reflection prompts are put in each class's reflection space. To evaluate worship, ethos club and teachers speak to children during the day about what they have learned and what they want to learn next. Each class has a reflection space. The teacher and children decide on how their reflection space will look and the value or topic they choose. After worship we put the reflection activity in every class's reflection space and collect them at the end of the week to evaluate the impact. 

We help Mrs Pilling, the senior leadership team and the staff to measure the impact of our values and take an active part in the school self-evaluation process. We have carried out work that can be found on the Christianvalues4schools website. We have planned and carried out Ethos super learning days to evaluate our work.