How to Help at Home

The progress that your child makes in school can be well supported by the grown-ups and special people at home. 

We will share activities throughout the year but here are some ideas to help your child prepare for their time with us and be ready to learn. 

Self-care skills

Encourage your child to dress and feed themselves. It may be messy and they may put their shirt on inside out but the experimentation and confidence boost from being so independent will help the skill develop well as well as promote resilience when challenges are faced.

Practical maths

Maths is all around us! For children in the Early Years, it is not all about the numeral. Instead, we want children to understand that number and shapes, space and measure are everywhere. There are lots of ways to encourage learning in maths...counting as you clap your hands/walk up the stairs/put apples in your basket as well as talk about shapes are just simple ways of helping your child become a mathematician. 


Early reading involves the use of stories and rhymes. You may not be able to recognise letters yet but simply holding the books, turning the pages and talking about the pictures. Asking simple questions also helps children to understand what they are seeing and reading. 

Singing familiar songs and rhymes also develops early Literacy skills.


As you can see from our learning examples, we love to experiment with mark making. We use lots of different resources to develop our writing skills, such as shaving foam, large chalks and paintbrushes. Getting messy really helps the children want to write! 

Play games 

The ability the turn take and share is vital in school and later life. You can help to develop this skill by playing games such as 'I spy' and 'Snakes and ladders'.