At Bishop Bridgeman Primary School, we celebrate the diversity of our children and plan a curriculum that develops their love for learning. The curriculum design has been carefully planned so that all National Curriculum objectives are covered in a creative and engaging manner. Our curriculum is designed to provide children with a wealth of opportunities and experiences that they would not otherwise experience. To supplement our curriculum, the children will encounter a wealth of opportunities to develop the whole child.

Throughout the school year, we host a variety of additional learning opportunities such as Super Learning Weeks and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Days. Our seasonal celebrations enhance the curriculum for children of all faiths from Nursery to Year Six. 

The teaching of thinking and problem-solving skills is a key factor in the development of children’s autonomy, self-confidence and ‘learning to learn’ skills. Our children are encouraged to demonstrate these skills across the whole curriculum. 


Autumn 2018 saw the introduction of revised units consisting of four main topic areas incorporating National Curriculum subjects to ensure breadth and depth in children’s learning. All staff create a memorable moment within each topic so that the learning is maximised and embedded, built upon year on year. Our intention is to develop cross-curricular links across all areas of learning, with a particular focus on vocabulary. 

We ensure all our children with varying learning abilities are able to access all aspects of our curriculum. Children take ownership, actively participate and self-motivate to develop an interest in all teaching. We encourage children to develop their self-esteem and confidence as they work through the school curriculum.

We recognise the curriculum consists of different developmental focuses, so to support our children we have introduced symbols of understanding, knowledge and skills. Coverage of these symbols is evidenced in all foundation subjects and through each topic. 




Each topic begins with a concept map, which is introduced to the children and then re-visited at the end of the topic to highlight all aspects of learning. Children’s progress and attainment is measured through regular assessment opportunities throughout key points in the year for all curriculum subjects. 

Regular monitoring of teaching and learning, as well as analysis of subject data is undertaken by the Curriculum Lead and individual Curriculum Co-ordinators. Strategic planning of school priorities is then undertaken using a varying range of evidence. 


Please contact the Curriculum Lead if you would like to know any more information regarding 

our school curriculum, via the school office.