The following information is taken from Bolton Council's website.

Primary admissions to Reception Class 2020

You must be a resident in Bolton.  If you live outside Bolton you must apply through your home authority.

If you have a child with a date of birth between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016 you child is due to start reception in September 2020.

Read through the booklet Admissions to Primary Schools 2020, which gives information about the admission process.

Read the guidance notes to help you apply online.

Apply online for a primary school place 2020

You will only be able to apply online. No paper forms will be available. If you are unable to apply online from home you can access computers at the One Stop Shop at the Town Hall, libraries and children's centres.

The website for online applications will close on 15 January 2020. Applications received after this date will be marked as late and will prejudice your child’s application.

School offer day is 16 April 2020. Information will not be provided before this date in any circumstance. Offers will be made by email only.

Schools directory (for OFSTED and performance tables).

School Admission Criteria

The Governors will admit all children having an Education Health and Care plan in which the school is named.

Admission criteria:

  1. Looked after children, (children in public care), and children with a statement of special educational needs or education, health and care plan in whose statement the school is named.
  2. Children whose medical or social circumstances mean that their needs can only be met at this school.
  3. Baptised children whose baptism is recognised by the Church of England.
  4. Children who are baptised or dedicated at a church which is a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, or a local Churches Together organisation.
  5. Children who regularly attend a church which is a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, or a local Churches Together organisation.
  6. Children who will have an older brother or sister attending the school at the time of their admission.
  7. Any other children.

Number of preferences expressed for the school September 2018 - 147

Total number of places offered in September 2018 - 60
If you require information of allocations in previous years please contact the school.

Special Educational Needs

If your child is undergoing Statutory Assessment you will need to complete an application for admission. For further advice contact the Inclusion and Statutory Assessment Service 01204 332207

Transferring between Primary Schools

Bolton Council is responsible for co-ordinating admissions into all schools for those families resident within Bolton Metropolitan Borough.

This includes:-

  • Children wishing to change from one school to another within the borough
  • Children who have arrived into the borough requiring a school place
  • Children wishing to move from an independant school to a school maintained by the Council
  • Children resident in the borough but requiring admission to a school in another borough

If you live of another local authority then you must make an application through the school admission process for that authority.

Do I need to complete an application form for transferring to or from primary schools?

Parents or carers must complete the application form  after reading the notes of guidance.  There is also a second form that the current school, if it is in Bolton, must complete.

You must make sure your child’s continues to attend their current school whilst your application is being considered however it is recognised that for families who have moved into Bolton this may not always be possible. You must, in such circumstances, inform the headteacher at their previous school of the arrangements you are making.

Bolton Council Admission Appeal Information

Bolton Council Admission Appeal Form